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Everywhere I'd Go
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Everywhere I'd Go is the newest and final novel in the Willow's Journey series. Years ago, when I began this writing adventure, my intention was to complete only one Young Adult novel, which somehow turned into two and eventually three.

Fans of my books are what led to the second and subsequent third book. Even after finishing In the Middle of Nowhere, as well as its sequel, Somewhere at Last, the love story between Willow and Michael didn't seem quite complete without penning another, last book. Because of this, Everywhere I'd Go was born.

While writing Everywhere I'd Go, I imagined certain songs playing along in certain scenes and included them within the story. My goal, when composing my stories, is to make them more than just a good read. I want them to be a great experience. I can only hope that people enjoy reading the trilogy of Willow's Journey as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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Praise for the trilogy

"... its engaging, nongimmicky realism is a throwback to the days when YA fiction wasn't overrun with lovesick werewolves, mermaids or other fantastical figures."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"This story will stick with me for many, many reasons for a long, long time."
   —Laura, Goodreads

"I really did enjoy the read—the author understands very well what makes girls tick, how they think, what they are interested in..."
   —Elizabeth Jasper, Author of Meggie Blackthorn

"I enjoyed it so much, I really didn't want it to end."
   —Rachel, Goodreads

"Julie Ann Knudsen knows how to grab your heart from the very first page, and never let you go."
   —Susan from Colormeread.me