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Somewhere at Last
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Somewhere at Last is my latest novel and the sequel to my debut novel, In the Middle of Nowhere. I had never intended to write a second book, but after repeatedly hearing from reviewers how they wished that Michael, as well as his relationship with Willow, had been more present in the first book, I decided to put my fingers to the keyboard and got started.

After I wrote Somewhere at Last, I'd hear various, poignant songs on the radio, which would bring me back to certain scenes within the book. I decided to include these songs and they became an integral part of the story. Even though I didn't cite a particular song at the very end of the book, I heard "Sail into the Sun" by Gentlemen Hall looping inside my head as I edited the final scene.

Once again, I've been asked by some who have read Somewhere at Last if a third book was on the horizon. I have, in fact, decided to write another in the series, which I hope readers will also embrace and enjoy. Wish me luck as I embark upon the continuation of Willow's journey!

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Praise for In the Middle of Nowhere

"... its engaging, nongimmicky realism is a throwback to the days when YA fiction wasn't overrun with lovesick werewolves, mermaids or other fantastical figures."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"This story will stick with me for many, many reasons for a long, long time."
   —Laura, Goodreads

"I really did enjoy the read—the author understands very well what makes girls tick, how they think, what they are interested in..."
   —Elizabeth Jasper, Author of Meggie Blackthorn